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Unreasonable With Reasonable Intent

I may not have lived too long on this here earth, but I think I’ve lived long enough to come to the simple conclusion that being unreasonable is more often than not the line of least or no resistance.

I often try to believe in the notion that being reasonable and talking things through with other homo sapiens and appealing to their intellect (apparent or absent) is the best option for all. The reason is for the mere fact that you don’t want to create the impression that you’re dealing with animals. However, experience says otherwise. Based on all field tests and analysis it has been proven time and again that being an unreasonable son (or daughter) of a b*tch usually gets you results. Sad to say, but this is true.

Case in point. This afternoon I went to a bank to do what most go to banks to do. I drove in and realized quickly that parking was going to be more of a challenge than necessary. After running around in circles for sometime (time I couldn’t afford to waste) I found an available spot, which turned out to be unavailable (if you get what I mean). I thought pleading with the seemingly rational security guard was a better option but that was not to be the case. Long story short after hustling (bending & twisting) my car to fit into the oddly positioned parking space, two other parking attendants came to give me intangible reasons why I couldn’t park there. It was even more difficult to park there because some idiot had parked right across the spot making it impossible to park comfortably. After those other idiot attendants had spoken what seemed to them as wise reasoning, my threshold for patience had been crossed with speed beyond the acceptable limit. I sped off from their spot, drove round the building and stopped wherever I felt fit and parked. In strutted another attendant coming to give me more reasons why I couldn’t park there. I just got out my car slammed my door shut and walked towards the bank without as much as an acknowledgement of the attendant. I went inside did what I had to do and came back to my car. The attendant could not summon up the courage to mutter a single word in my direction.
In the end, I got what I wanted the attendants got what they derserved and everyone goes home happy.

Perhaps if you were to have observed the scene from a distance you might see me as being very rude. But I tell you the truth had I tried to find a more reasonable approach to this, I might still be there till midnight looking for a parking spot opening myself up to more parking attendants spreading their no parking here theories and podtulations. I don’t have the time for that.

So I say to all who read this, being unreasonable is key for any form of success in this here motherland Ghana of ours. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot and you’ll know what I said is nothing but the truth. For those of you have, would you be as kind as to share your tales with the rest of the world?


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