Tumble Me Rebel

06 Jun

There was one time when I was riding a bike and I turned around the corner of the street too sharply and nearly came head on with a parked car. I was so startled that I lost control of the bicycle and fell. In between the time I realized that I was going to fall and the time that I actually fell, I tried really hard to compose myself on the bike and not fall. A few seconds before I hit the ground, I gave in to the fall and made sure that I fell graciously to the ground. If you’ve got to fall, you at least have to make it look good, right?

Another time I went downstairs to iron my shirt. On my way back I miscalculated my step and fell down to my knees at the stairwell. The security guard on duty at that time run up to me and said “Oh Madam, you tumbled?”. I could have kicked him in the nuts at that time if my knee didn’t hurt so badly. Tumbled? Seriously? I didn’t even try to answer him and I just limped my sorry self away.

I’m certain that at one point in time or the other you have suffered a set back (or set down) or two when gravity took hold of your stability. When I was back in Wesley Girls’ we called it “Koto” (as in, “wakye koto”), which translates to “he or she has caught a crab”. In this, the act of falling down is likened to a person who is catching a crab.

Over time, I have perfected the art of tumbling. Matter of fact, I think I can hold lessons in tumbling for the inexperienced tumbler. For real guys, from grace to the ground. But it’s funny really, think of how many people have fallen in their lifetimes and how they fell. Even the most dignified of people have at several points in their lives fallen down in very undignified ways.

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