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Why 7+2 = 11

A cursory glance at the many trotros and taxis about the streets of Ghana will reveal unthinkable and hitherto unimaginable secrets of life, love, religion etc. It is a complete philosophical library of unintentional riddles, accidental parables and mind teasers that would make the theories and postulations of Aristotle and other great philosophers child’s play.

There aren’t very many reasons to support this – truth is, I know of none – but, according to the meager mathematics of a taxi driver (and possibly, his owner), the sum of the numbers seven (7) and two (2) is eleven (11). Whether or not you agree with him is not his concern. As he declares on the back of the taxi, that is none of your business! (see picture below).


I chewed on this for a while and came to the conclusion that the taxi driver probably had an argument with a passenger over change and perhaps, an onlooker came in to mediate the situation. The result of this mediation, may not have gone the way of the driver, hence his evident dislike for other people’s opinions on matters he deems to be right. To ward any future Samaritan off, he decided to declare this statement at the back of his taxi, just to let them know that he can handle his business. There!

Think about this for a second: “My Egg”. Now picture it in big bright yellow lettering. Does that put it in some perspective for you? Now imagine it at the back of a taxi.

If you saw this on your way to work one morning, what is the first thing that’ll pop into your mind? With all faculties of my brain engaged, my foremost guess was breakfast. But I was wrong, or so the traditional taxi/trotro convention dictates. All five of my subsequent attempts failed to take the cake as I moved further and further away from the truth. So my desperation, I turned to someone who specializes in this art form. An expert, if you will, on the taxi/trotro philosophy. The one person I know who has studied and developed an uncanny ability to discern from a distance the deep meaning behind these simple stated, yet, sagacious statements, my mother, the sage.

My Egg as she explained refers to the precious nature of the attachment between the driver/car owner and the taxi. In just the same way as you hold an egg gingerly, he will treat his car as such and he hopes that the rest of the world would too.

Friends and comrades, this brings me to the end of today’s edition of taxi truths. Until same time, some other place, please be safe out there on the roads; it’s a jungle out there.


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